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Analysis of Algorithms (AOA)
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Client Server Concepts
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Computer Hardware and System Software Concepts
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Introduction to Web 
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Operating System Concepts -
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Problem Solving Techniques
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Programming and Testing

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Programming Fundamentals

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User Interface Design

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Software Engineering

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Training @ Infosys Mysore - TPI & Training Streams


TPI is a special incentive Infosys trainees are awarded with after successful completion of the Training Program, i.e your salary on the first month after training completion.
TPI is awarded on the basis of your grades or GPAs scored during training program according to the following criteria :

* GPA 4 - 4.5 > Rs. 32000
* GPA 4.5 - 4.9 > Rs. 35000
* GPA 4.9 - 5 > 40000

So the better you score in your Training program the better is your first month Salary! J
NOTE : TPI is only for the first month after training completion, from the next month onwards you will be paid as per original packageFor Accomodation And Facilities refer to Training @ Infy Mysore - Accommodation & FACILITIES



  • Problem solving/Analysis Of algorithms
  • Computer Hardware & Software
  • OOP/OOC using Java
  • RDBMS Part -1
  • RDBMS Part -2 and
  • SE-IQS (Software Engg and Infosys Quality systems)
  • UI Designs


  • In-depth OOC
  • RDBMS deep-drive
  • UNIX
  • Client server Concepts
  • UXD(user experience)
  • IWT(Introduction to Web Technologies)

3. STREAM Modules

  • Dot. NET/Open System(OS)
  • PLES (Product Life Cycle and Engineering Solutions)/Stream Projects
  • SAP 
  • BI 
  • SFDC, Oracle Siebel, Mobility, BizP etc.

* The Grades are assigned as:
Above or Equal to 85 %- A, 75-84%- B+, 65-74%- B, 50-64%- C, Less than 50%- D

* Trainees scoring A in all the modules in ‘Generic-Core’ will enter Stream training directly. No intermediate training for them. Rest all of the trainees enter ‘Intermediate’

* Student must score 65% in all the modules in ‘Generic-Core’ and 65% Overall.
[Update: The required score for 'Generic Core' has been increased to 75%]

* No retests while other modules are in the session. Only after the entire ‘ Generic-core’ stage or ‘intermediate’ or ‘ stream’, retests are scheduled.

* You have to appear an English test (min 65% score)also, which will be included with your CGPA & TPI calculations.

* Trainees have to appear for Hands-On once again in retest.

* Trainees who have passed all the modules are given a chance to appear for retest to increase their TPI.

For the First day process refer to Training @ Infy Mysore - FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW!

Training @ Infosys Mysore - Accommodation & Facilities

There are many sobriquets associated with the Infosys DC Mysore - "The Place To Be" , "Heaven On Earth" , "A Paradise". The state-of-the-art Infrastructure and Facilities in Infosys Mysore are the reason behind such names. People who have been there say that it's a different world altogether as soon as they step into the Campus. I'm sure you would be very excited to know what's in store at Infy Mysore, here's our summary on the Accomodation and Facilities at Infosys DC Mysore -


Accommodation and Facilities

* The allotment of Accommodation will be done on the first day of arrival (check Infy Training - First Day for first day process )

All Boys will get Single rooms and Almost all Girls will get shared rooms. Still 1 percentile of Girls who are extremely lucky stand a chance to get single rooms!

* The charges for the shared accommodation is Rs. 3000/- per month, per person and charges for single occupancy is Rs. 3750/- per month, per person. So girls are bound to get more compensation than Boys during training! ( The Avg. salary for boys is about 13-14k whereas for Girls it is 14-15k)


* This charges for accommodation will be deducted from the salary. No need to pay any amount in advance. Please note that rooms will be allotted on the basis of availability and requests for room change will not be obliged.

* The Accommodation will be arranged only for the Trainees only, so anybody accompanying you (Parents or Guardians) won't be able to avail accommodation.


* All these facilities are there in your room :

Towel, bed sheet, bed covers,pillows, pillow cover, quilt, coffee and tea sachets with sugar (daily 1 each), bathing towel, 6 hangers, doormat, coffee and tea maker, a cup, glass, spoon, table lamp, wall clock, LCD TV, basket for dirty clothes, Almirah with electronic locker, all out for mosquitoes water bottle, table and study chair , sofa, western style bathroom with shower, an AC (though you will never feel the need to switch it on)

* Things you may or may not carry (as you can buy them in campus) :

Nail cutters, pens, pencil, copies and all kinds of stationary,

Face washes and creams (unless it's a rare brand)

Umbrellas/rain coats.. torrential rains are quite common in Mysore.

* There is also a large departmental store (more like supermarket) where you can buy all your daily stuffs.

* There are 4-6 ATM centres near GEC 1 and GEC 2(Global education center), ILI, ECC (Employee Care Centre), Food Courts. So you won't have issues regarding ATMs in the campus.
Also during the Induction program (1st week) they will help us to open an ICICI Bank account.

* The new staff hostels are at a good distance from the GECs, so If you are a sincere and punctual chap you wont mind walking to the GECs, for everyone else there are the bicycles, around 2500 of them, There are at least one cycle stand in front of every major building, so you won't even have to search for them.

* Almost every hostel has an attached Laundromat where you can wash your clothes in the machine and also get them ironed, so need to get a iron from home (the choice is yours though).
You can get the tickets for the Laundromat at the Reception or at the Laundromat itself.

* The ECC (Employee Care Centre) is the most important place for a Trainee in the campus. Built on Spanish architectural design, it has every facility you can think of, namely a gymnasium, badminton courts, table tennis, & squash courts, pool tables, aerobics centre swimming pool, Jacuzzi, bowling alley, climbing wall, meditation hall, Bank, Laundromat, company store and 5-bed medical centre.



* The 4 screen multiplex in Infosys Mysore is used to screen movies during weekends as well as hold various events. it's located near the ECC and 2 movies are shown each weekend, one from Hollywood and the other from Bollywood, total 6 shows( 3 for each movie), the tickets are available at the ECC and a huge crowd forms a long queue for the tickets. the tickets are available around 2 hours before the show. So make sure you are in time if you want a good view of the show!

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Training @ Infosys Mysore - DAY 0 | FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW!

Curiosity and anxiety are at the peak when you get set for Infosys Mysore. The first question that comes to mind is - What will happen on the first day? What process will be followed for admitting us into the Campus? How rooms will be allotted?
This following information is exclusively posted to help you find answers to all these questions - 


>> The First Day or Day 0 refers to the day before your joining date. Say your joining date is on 14th Jan 2012, then Day 0 refers to 13th Jan 2012.

>> You have to report on Day 0 (generally Sunday), You can also report at the campus on the joining date.
>> As soon as you reach the Mysore DC you will find the Infy Gate (Gate 1) where already people would be getting their offer letter shown to the security guards at the gate and getting admitted. If you have laptops then you would be instructed you to go to the security cabin besides the gate where they will record the service tag number of your laptop along with your name.
NOTE : Laptops and other memory storage devices are generally prohibited. Mails will be sent regarding the allowance of these devices

>> Then you have to go inside the main gate to one more stall where they will verify your identity by your driving license, passport or PAN card and then will mark your registration number on their sheet. (For the complete checklist of required documents refer to this post - Training @ Infosys Mysore - GET STARTED)

This way, they will get to know how many people are actually joining out of the total offers issued. This verification is generally done in alphabetical order of your names(or in the order of the selected students list provided by your college). So you have to endure waiting long hours in the queue.

>> Only 2 people (parents) along with you can enter the gate(GATE-2) and they will have to wait at the near by food court(Fiesta) until you finish all your procedure. Parents are not allowed to visit hostel buildings

>> Then you will be transported to the main building in a golf cart or Tata Sumo for room allocation and issue of ID cards.
TIP : Make sure You enter and register with your friend here, the probability is high that You two will get a shared room, happens in most cases.

>> Girls generally get shared rooms. Boys generally get single rooms. If You want friends to be in the same floor or block of the hostel they try to register for room allocation with your friends in a sequence because single rooms will be allotted in a sequence.

Facilities that you may use on the Day of Check in (Day 0 ):

  • You can use all the facilities at Employee Care Center from 6 am – 6 pm on Day 0 (Sunday) of your joining by buying the temporary facilities card for just Rs.50 (Validity - up to 12 am).
  • Movie tickets at the multiplex can be taken two hours before the screening of the movie. Kindly visit the multiplex to check for the show details.
  • Shop in Loyal World (within campus) for daily consumable goods.

Also Read : Training @ Infosys Mysore - DRESS CODE 


Training @ Infosys Mysore - DRESS CODE

Grooming Etiquettes are quintessential in the Corporate World. So before you get set go for Infosys Mysore make sure you've bought enough formal wears for the Training schedule. The DRESS CODE in Infosys Mysore is mentioned in the Information Sheet mailed by Infosys and you've to strictly follow the dress code. In case you're yet to receive the Information Sheet, here's a dress code summary for you - 



Monday - Tuesday
Business formal wears for boys include full-sleeved shirts, formal trousers, formal shoes and ties.

Full/Half Sleeve shirts,trousers, without ties and formal shoes.

* casuals and shoes(avoid sports shoes) or any of the above.


Monday to Tuesday
-Salwar (no sleeveless), Churidar, western formal like formal pant with formal Shirt (no sleeveless) and Saree.

Wednesday to Thursday
-Churidar, Salwar, Western formals (pants and shirts), Saree

-Casuals, Any of above, Skirts, Tops, Jeans.

Foot wear
-buy something that will last long cause you will have to walk almost 5km a day. Not walk exactly, but run. so buy something durable.

Implementation of Dress Code



Infosys is very particular about it’s dress code. In worst case scenario you will be fined for the wrong dress code. The Induction program includes session on Grooming and Dressing. One of the prime implementer of this dress code is the security inside the campus, e.g. if you are found without a tie on a Monday or a Tuesday then the first security guard you encounter will stop and question you about the same. (Tie relaxation is provided during summer)

Another integral part of the dress code is the ID card. The ID card is a must during work hours without which you won't be allowed access to official buildings, GECs, ECC facilities etc. In short make sure you have your ID card whenever you go around the campus.


Training @ Infosys Mysore - GET STARTED

Ready for Infosys Mysore? Ready to make a New Beginning ? Well, before you get set to chase your dreams at Infosys Mysore have a look at this Checklist. It Contains a List of all documents that you'll need during your Training. Make sure you carry all of them -



1. Offer Letter and Revised Offer Letter

2. Class 10 (or equivalent) Mark Sheet (s)

3. Class 12 (or equivalent) Mark Sheet (s)

4. Graduation Mark Sheet (s) [Semester 01-08 Mark Sheets of B.E or B.Tech ]

5. Final Graduation Degree Certificate [Which we probably won’t get on time]

6. Post Graduation Mark Sheet (s) (if applicable)

7. Diploma Certificate (if applicable)

8. Prior Experience Certificate (s) (if applicable)

9. Passport [or at least proof that you have applied for one.]

10. PAN card [ a must if without passport]

11. Medical Test documents. [Mandatory]

12. NSR card or IT-PIN Number

13. Driving License [or at least proof that you have applied for one] or Voter ID Card

14. Course Completion Certificate and Transfer Certificate [Instead of Degree Certificate]

15. Provisional Degree and Consolidated Mark Sheet [Instead of original mark sheets]

16. 10 passport size photographs

17. Service Agreement Document issued on legal stamp papers [Very Important]

18. Print-out of Joining Details Letter (Read as E-Joining form) and Accommodation Letter

19. Two Copies of all the above mentioned documents on A4 size paper.

Make a note of the above list and make sure you have all of these before you get going for Mysore. The requisites are essential as you will be needing it at the time of your joining. So, be extra cautious and make sure you have everything. Any negligence can cost you high.

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