InfyLounge Guide | E-Joining Process

Complete step by step guide for Infosys Online E-Joining Process - 

[ We're starting with password recovery step. When you try to Login with the link given in your E-joining mail, the portal fails to open even if with a correct password, so better if you reset your password to a new one and then Login ]

1. Goto this link -

2. Click Password Forgotten.

3. New page opens asking for your User ID and E-mail ID. Fill it up and click on Request Password.

4. You will receive a new mail from Talent Acquisition. Copy the password given in that e-mail. [the mail might take 15-30mins to reach your inbox]

5. Now visit the link given in your E-joining mail (different from the link in Step 1), enter your User ID and paste the password copied in previous step.

6. You'll be redirected to a new page with personal details form.

7. Fill up the form with your personal details. (make sure to fill up all * marked fields, rest field are optional)

8. Click Confirm after filling up the form.

9. Now again go to this Login Page (Same as the Link in Step 1)

10. Login with your User ID and New Password.

11. Once you login click on Employment Opportunities tab located on the top left bar -


12. Now click on My Applications, you'll find orange link E-joining: Personal Data Form. 

13. Click it to download Personal Data Form in PDF format, the print out of which you must carry during your joining at Infosys Mysore.

In you are unable to edit or access your personal details even after Login, then contact the helpline no. mentioned in your E-joining mail.

For Complete Guide on NSR Registration process Click Here

P.S - Sources from Infosys Mysore state that those trainees who failed to bring the print out the form of the personal data form where given a hard copy of the form to fill up their details during induction program

Infosys FPG Online - Post Test Questions & Solutions


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